Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Grab Bag - Crafts

My mom was always very crafty.  I like to think that I inherited a little of that as well, but nothing compared to the mad skills my mom has!  She had the Farm Journal Christmas Book and had made some of the decorations from it for our house.  The ones I remember clearly are the nativity and the Santa Claus mobile.  I thought she had made the candle with presents as well, but it's not as clear in my mind.

When I got married back in 1999 in Hawaii, my mom (knowing how I loved the nativity) made one and shipped it to me.  I absolutely love it!  It just made it feel more like Christmas with it there.

I know my older sister has fond memories of all the crafty (and yummy) items in this book, because a few years back she went on eBay found copies of it, and PRESTO!...a little bit of our childhood was placed in our hands!  Now mom's not the only one with a copy! :)

Next year I've got to get to work on that Santa mobile and perhaps the candle.  I wonder how fire safe that candle IS!  Oh long as I don't leave it alone.

Were there any special home-made decorations that your parents or ancestors made that you cherish?

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