Sunday, December 14, 2014

ACCM - Christmas Tree Decorations

Some of the ornaments from when I was little still hang on my tree.

Who didn't have a glass pinecone?
What kind of decorations do you put on your Christmas tree? Is your tree all pretty glass ornaments and ribbon? I can really appreciate the beauty of those trees. I can appreciate it, but it isn't me. I'm not even sure if I'm capable of putting together one of those flawless, beautiful, artistic trees. I think it would turn out more like a Pinterest-fail if I made the attempt. That's alright though because the decorations on my tree express more than beauty. Each one has its own story. Whether it was purchased because it was merely pretty or because it represented an experience or place visited, it says something about who we are as a family.

My tree has pretty much always been like that. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my adopted-nana, Hazel Blum, made some ornaments for my sisters and I. One in particular that I recall was little magazine clippings that were decoupaged on a plastic egg-shaped ornament. She clipped things that reminded her of us. Perhaps a scottie dog for my little sister or a doll for me. It was homemade and it was cherished. Sadly, I don't have these ornaments anymore. Any ornaments that were "mine" are MIA. I asked my father, keeper-of-the-Christmas-stuff, for them years ago and he said that he didn't have them. He said that he had given them to us. I don't know what really happened to them, but I don't have them. I do have a lot of decorations from my childhood, but never these. These most cherished of items.
Not all ornaments are traditional.

Yes there were glass ornaments on my tree growing up. Probably ornaments that are very similar to ones you may have had on your tree. Perhaps you still do. I know my husband's family had similar ornaments as well. They were in vogue at the time. In addition to those ornaments I added some that I painted.

The first Christmas that I was in the Army and didn't go home to be with family I bought my own live tree and needed to decorate it. I didn't have any ornaments so I got some plaster craft ornaments and painted them. I tied ribbon to them and hung them on my tree with white lights and baby's breath to simulate snow. It was beautiful to me and I didn't need much. I still have those ornaments.

As time went on I got other ornaments from friends and family and they've been added to our tree decorating. We even have a glass pickle ornament that we hide on the tree and the child that finds it gets a special present. Each year I get my sons a new ornament and put their initial on it somewhere. This way when they grow up they'll be able to take these ornaments with them to put on their first Christmas tree. It's a tradition I started, but one I hope they will continue with their children.

A poi ornament from our time living in Hawaii
Ornaments aren't something parents should covet so they could remember when their children were at home with them once they've gone off on their own. They are gifts of memories that we give to our children so they can remember the good times at home during the Holidays with family that wasn't perfect, but the loved and cherished them.

Happy Holidays everyone!

A plastercraft ornament for my youngest
A plastercraft ornament I painted for my oldest

Some help us remember places we've been...

...and some show our family fanaticism.