Thursday, March 21, 2013

Follow Friday - A7734

I saw an article on this Holocaust survivor on Facebook (thanks for posting FindMyPast US) and read his story (here).  Do you know any Holocaust survivors?  Even if you don't, please share his Facebook page with everyone you know, because it truly is a small world and someone you know might be the connection he needs to find his twin brother.

How many times have you accidentally come across someone on Facebook?  Miracles do happen.  Help be a part of making this miracle happen.

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook page:

"Jeno (Jolli) was transported to Auschwitz together with his twin brother in May 1944, two months prior to their 4th birthday.  Being twins, they were objects to criminal medical experiments.  Luckily, both survived the war, however their ways separated just 2 days before liberation.  Jolli's brother was taken out of camp, leaving behind all memory.  For the next 67 years he had a different name andno (sic) knowledge about his family.  Now he knows.  We also know that Jolli was very much alive at liberation.  Maybe he too changed his name, maybe even changed his religion.  The only definite link between them is the number tattooed on his arm - A7734.  He may be your neighbour, a friend, or even a relative.  if you happen to know anything, plase contact me at  Thank you."

I would love to see this gentleman that's been through so much get some closure.  Please share with your friends and family and please click the links to read his story and visit the Facebook page.