Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone's day is filled with as little stress as possible.  Make sure to take time to reflect on how much easier we have it compared to our ancestors and that the "Good Ol' Days" weren't always so good!

I read a wonderful post on Wednesday from a blog I follow called, "Living on a Dime," and it's a post well worth reading.  It reminds us all to be thankful for the things we've got even if they aren't quite perfect or what we want.  Give it a read and share your thanks.

In the spirit of giving thanks, these are a few of the things that I'm grateful for:

-My husband.  For being able to tolerate my moodiness and late nights.  Who always supports my dreams and keeps me grounded and focused on what is really important in life and for giving me two beautiful boys (for Christmas I would like a third).

-My boys.  They may drive me absolutely nuts sometimes, but I'm a tough woman to please.  They are incredibly smart and well behaved.  They don't get into trouble in school and only pick on each other.  They are extremely empathetic and strive to do what's right.

-My family.  We're talking everyone not living in my house now.  I've got a great mother and step-father, three incredible sisters, awesome cousins, aunt and uncles, and a gorgeous niece.  And that's only on my side of the family.  I've also been blessed to have just about the best in-laws in the world.  In fact, I don't really look at them as in-laws.  They are family, mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and 5 of the handsomest nephews and cutest niece (and grand-niece) I could have ever asked for.

-You.  Without you reading all the silliness I post, I'd be talking to myself and on my way to being committed!  Your encouragement, advice and support mean more than I could ever say.

-My government.  Yes, people complain about those folks in power, and they aren't getting much done right now, but it's the best in the world regardless of it's drawbacks.

-Health.  My family (apart from some cooties here and there) are fairly healthy.

-Health insurance.  For having insurance so that when we aren't healthy we can get better and for check ups and immunizations that keep us from getting sick.  To exist without it would be devastating and unimaginable.

-Water.  The severe drought in Texas reminds me how lucky we are to still have water when some communities are beginning to run out.

-My house.  It's not my dream home, but it's beautiful, sturdy, and clean.  It shelters us from the excessive summer heat, the crazy Killeen winds, and the cold (if you can believe that it gets cold, does!).

-Food.  We are lucky to have food when there are many people that will be going without not just on Thanksgiving, but go hungry each day.  Remember them and not just during the holidays.

-My church.  I don't go as frequently as I should, but it does lift me up and remind me of the person I want to be.  It reminds me of my heritage and ancestors each time I go.  It is something we have in common.

-A good school for my children.  To have a school that has teachers that care for and educate my children, that challenge my children and encourage my children.  To know that they are safe at school and that they are in the best learning environment we could give them, inspires me to tolerate the PTA nonsense that has been holding up my business and career goals.

-The PTA.  Ironic isn't it, but it's true.  Parent involvement, regardless of how pathetically low it is nowadays, is essential for our children.  The PTA is a great resource for families, schools, teachers and the community.  Being their president has helped me learn to be a bit more diplomatic and less drill-sergeant-like when dealing with less than nice people (but the drill sergeant does come out when needed).

-Cub Scouts.  I cannot say how important scouting is to our family.  I wasn't an active parent in scouting when I first started and pushed it off as a father-son activity.  It is not.  It has helped me work with my oldest son to prepare him for independence better than I could have done alone.  It has forced me to let go and let him be the wonderful young man that he is and that he will be.  It has taught him so many life lessons.  My Pack is exceptional as are it's leaders and boys.

I could go on all night.  I realize now, and need to every day, that no matter how hard things are, they are not too bad.  Sure someone has it better than I do.  I'm the 99%...but you know, many people have it worse than I do.  I will be thinking and praying for those struggling during the holidays and throughout the year and hoping that our nation can eventually be one, where kids don't go to bed hungry or in a car (or worse).

So this season when you hear that bell ringing, or see that giving tree, or the box for the local food drive, give thanks for what you have and then give...even a help someone else that isn't as fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and pass the cranberry sauce!