Thursday, August 18, 2011

Follow Friday

A short one this Friday.  I'm about 1,000+ blog posts behind in my queue and I'll be spending some time this weekend catching up.  No doubt next Friday will have a long following list because there are just so many great posts out there! 

Dick Eastman had an incredible blog post called "Controversy: How to Read Unreadable Tombstones".  It's an amazing video and it certainly produces results, but I would agree with Dick that I wouldn't want to personally use it or encourage it's use until I heard from qualified experts as to the long term effects of using flour on tombstones.  Some may argue that the stones are already deteriorating beyond functionality.  I would caution that before you do anything to a gravestone that you first receive permission by the cemetery.

Until next time have fun tending those roots! (Oh, and don't get behind on your reader not a good sign!)