Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Good Advice Through the Ages

I was actually preparing to transcribe an article on the Peshtigo Fire for today, but when I opened the digital copy of "The Waynesboro Village Record" for October 26, 1871 and began looking for the article on the fire, the following article caught my attention and I figured I'd have a bit of fun today!

Waynesboro Village Record, 26OCT1871

"Some Things

Have ideas of your own.

Be sure your own doctrines are sound before pitching into other people's.

Ride and belabor your own hobby to your hearts content, but for heaven's sake do not quarrel with friends and neighbors because they refuse to mount with you.

If it hurts your feelings to be snubbed and bluffed off, remember that others may not like it any better than you do.

Conceal the weak points in your nature with an honest mantle of self-poise and independence, and then many an intended sting will not wound or give you pain.

Earn your own self respect and then you will not imagine people intend to slight you.

Be sure you meirit [sic] respect and then do not lay awake nights worying [sic] about other people's opinion of yon [sic].

Above all things be kind to the poor, the sick, the old, the young, and to your wife, if you have one; and go slow when attempting to revege an injury, for ofttimes that which seems an injury proves a benefit.

In short, be kind and considerate to your friends, keep your enemies at a proper distance, in thought and every other way, and be as good to yourself as you possibly can without wronging anybody else. - Elm Orlon."

I found it amusing that it was in the newspaper let alone on the front page!  It's so interesting to see how different the news can be, but what a great insight into what was seen as important during our ancestor's time! 

I certainly did note upon reading "Some Things" that some things are as true today as they were back then!