Sunday, April 24, 2011

Military Monday - Central Texas Casualties 2002-2003

Faces of the departed - 2002-2003

There is a beautiful monument at the Central Texas Veterans Cemetery for the region's casualties from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I figured that I would pay tribute here to those men and women of all services that gave their lives in this conflict.

Roll Call

SPC Curtis Carter
TSGT John A Chapman
SFC Nathan R Chapman
SPC Genaro Acosta
PFC Steven Acosta
SPC Richard S Arriage
SPC Jonathan P Barnes
SGT Michael P Barrera
CSM James D Blankenbecler
CW4 Clarence E Boone
SSG Kenneth Bradley
SPC Artimus Brassfield
PVT Matthew Bush
SPC Nathaniel A Caldwell
SPC Isaac Campoy
SGT Sean K Cataudella
CPL Gary B Coleman
CWO Alexander S Coulter
PFC Anthony D'Agostino
PFC Analaura Esparza-Gutierrez
PVT Jesse M Halling
SGT Atanasio Haro-Marin Jr
PFC RayShawn S Johnson
PFC Karina S Lau
 CPT Robert L Lucero
SSG Eddie E Menyweather
SGT Daniel K Methvin
SGT Keman L Mitchell
SPC Jose L Mora
SPC Joseph C Norquist
CPT Leif E Nott
1LT Osbaldo Orozco
SSG Dale A Panchot
SPC Wilfredo Perez Jr
SC James "Heath" Pirtle
SPC James E Powell
SPC Christian C Schultz
SPC Narson B Sullivan
CPT John R Teal
SSG Anthony O Thompson
PVT Scott M Tyrell
SGT Melissa Valles
SPC Frances M Vega
SPC Donal L Wheeler
SGT Steven W White
CPT George A Wood
SPC James Wright

May our Soldiers come home soon.