Monday, April 25, 2016

Memorial Monday - IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial 1923-1924

IAFF FFFM Panel 1923-1924
This week the next panel for the IAFF's Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial covers the rest of 1923 and most of 1924.

"Bert E. Burris   L58   TX
John Sandberg   L2   IL
William young   L366   MI
Fred Hippler   L73   MO
Harrington W. Brand   L282   NY
E. O. Jones   L58   TX
Raymond Farrell   L94   NY
James J. Sullivan   L94   NY
Harry Stuhlreyer   L48   OH
William E. Kelley   L282   NY
Bernard Feehan   L1066   NJ
Charles Brehm   L583   WI
Louis C. Lauth   L416   IN
Anthony T. Glover   L144   MA
Thomas L. Bleich   L37   IL
Fred Stehle   L67   OH
Hugh McShane   L255   AB
Herman Schultz   L344   MI


H. Stanley Ellis   L372   CA
Thomas P. Considine   L42   MO
Frank A. Foscoe   L50   IL
Fred Dalton   L67   OH
Hartvig C. Christensen   L82   MN
Patrick Abbott   L1   PA
Rudolph Bliske   L1   PA
Samuel Bollinger   L1   PA
Henry Frazier   L1   PA
Edward Jones   L1   PA
John Markham   L1   PA
Robert Smith   L1   PA
Albert E. Donovan   L94   NY
Fred E. Barlow   L416   IN
Conrad Schwalm   L2   IL
Terrence McCaffery   L2   IL
Frederick Mosher   L841   MA
Wayne Hunter   L416   IN
James Shaw   L94   NY
Roy Walsweer   L366   MI
Ercil G. Morse   L112   CA
Thomas J. Connolly   L94   NY
A. S. Hughes   L58   TX
John Brennan   L2   IL
Jeremiah Callaghan   L2   IL
Michael Devine   L2   IL
Frank Frosh   L2   IL
Thomas Kelly   L2   IL
Edward Kersting   L2   IL
Francis Leavy   L2   IL
Samuel Warren   L2   IL
James Carroll   L2   IL
William Leichsenring   L94   NY
George Hawkins   L344   MI
Claus Clausen   L2   IL
Richard Beard   L344   MI
Edward Cunningham   L853   MA
Harry Shrimpton   L2   IL
William Hutcheson   L29   WA
George Crane   L31   WA
T. Roscoe King   L34   AR
Raymond B. Lancey   L1841   MA
Joe M. Hope   L34   AR
Timothy Murphy   L2   IL
William Shuberg   L27   WA
Thomas Shanahan   L2   IL
James J. McCormack   L94   NY
James J. Murphy   L94   NY
Chris Christiansen   L2   IL
James R. Starkey   L94   NY
W. Earl Harvey   L42   MO
John P. Heydon   L42   MO
Percy Ackels   L366   MI"

As I went through transcribing these names I couldn't help, but think of how many were lost in what would appear to be a single event in union L1 in Pennsylvania. Then union L2 in Illinois popped up. Not only did they appear to lose a large number of people in an event, but throughout the year. Now that school's out for me for the next few months I may have to see if I can find out more.

Let these brave souls never be forgotten.