Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - What the Heck, Grandpa?

Edward Brown Sr (2nd from right in back)

I have no idea why my grandpa is dressed like this and wearing a miner's hat with these gentlemen.  We are descended from a long line of miners, but my grandfather was a teacher and vice-principal at Grebey Junior High School in Hazleton, PA.  Were they actually in a coal mine?  I don't know all the fraternal groups my grandfather was in, but most (I believe) were Catholic or education associated.  I could be wrong.

Any ideas?

My mother just emailed me after I posted and told me it was a teacher in-service to either a coal mine or a meat packing plant.  The headlamps lead her to believe coal mine, but the white jackets made her think it could be meat packing.