Sunday, February 5, 2012

Military Monday - My Father-in-Law is Drafted

Patrick W. Cayemberg, Jr

Doesn't dad look handsome in his uniform!

Green Bay Press-Gazette, 23APR1954
"Seven From Here Among Draftees

[hand-dated April 23, 1954]

Seven Green Bay men are among the 14 Brown County residents comprising the April quota of the local Selective Service Board.

The Green Bay inductees are Patrick W. Cayemberg Jr., 2023 Willow St.; James R. Smith, 1200 Reed St.; Harley R. Bopray, 1925 Farlin Ave.; Wilbur J. Van Ermen, 202 W. Walnut St.; Thomas G. Skelly, 218 N. Van Buren St.; and Donald J. Horkman and Bernard D. VanPay, both of Rt."

The end of the clipping is cut off.  I'll have to get a better copy when I go back to Wisconsin.  Usually the dates hand-written on these clippings refer to the date of the event, but here, I'd venture to guess that it's the date of publication.  I guess I'll find out in a few months!

I suppose the rest of the article wasn't that important to Patrick's mom who clipped the article though.