Sunday, October 31, 2010

A shout out to Thomas MacEntee

Thanks, Thomas and Geneabloggers, for listing me in the new blogs this week and crediting me with "Spooky Sunday"! It's very exciting to be out here blogging with you all. I absolutely love the idea of daily prompts to encourage everyone to get out there and post! I welcome the tips from my veteran bloggers and love being among you all!

Military Monday - Patrick Wallace Cayemberg Jr.

Patrick Wallace Cayemberg Jr
23 July 1933 - 15 May 2010

I couldn't post my first "Military Monday" and not have my father-in-law as the subject. We just lost dad this past May. As we were driving North to celebrate mom and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, we got the worst phone call possible. Only 2-3 hours into a 2 day journey from Killeen, Texas to Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was the longest journey of our lives. We debated trying to get there in one day. We wanted to be there as soon as possible and knew that we could do it, but we'd arrive in the middle of the night. In the end we chose to stop in Missouri and rest for the evening. We didn't want to risk getting into a crash if we got tired, and if mom was actually able to get to sleep, we didn't want to wake her.

Dad passed doing what he loved. He was volunteering at the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon at Lambeau Field when he suffered a massive heart attack. Mom and dad had just reached their 50th wedding anniversary the day before he passed. The party was going to be the following weekend. They had reached 50 years of life and love together. A monument to the rest of the family.

Dad was well-known for his chocolate chip cookies (a recipe from his mother, Laura Laurent), his molasses cookies, snickerdoodles, beef tenderloin, and chicken booyah. "Big Daddy" drove truck for Schneider Transport for more than 30 years and in his retirement loved wintering in Arizona with friends and his beautiful wife, Dolores. He loved having Monday night dinners at the house with his children and grandchildren and cheering on the Green Bay Packers. We were lucky enough to see mom and dad a month before he passed as they stopped by to visit us in Killeen on the way back from Arizona.

Dad belonged to the Teamsters (Local 75), the Knights of Columbus (Ss. Peter & Paul R.C. Church, Green Bay), and the American Legion. He served in the United States Army from 1954-1956, attaining the rank of Specialist.

So I take this Military Monday to remember my father-in-law. One of the sweetest, most caring people I've ever been blessed to have had as a part of my life. Roll on, Big Daddy, we love you!