Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Rosiere School Photo

Clipping from the "Algoma Record-Herald", unknown date
"JOHN MURPHY was the teacher when this picture of the Rosiere school was taken about 1907 or 1908.

The picture originally belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Guilette and was provided the Record-Herald by the daughter, Mrs. Lewis (Hazel) Lemens.

Although not listed in rows, the following are among the pupils pictured:

Emil Kaye, Agnes Novak, Anna Tlachac, Emma Kaye, Xavier Naze, Leona LeDocq, John Hucek, Laura Cayemberg, Emil Dlorig, Frances Svoboda, Emily Kaye, Steve Tlachac, Frank Cayemberg, Martin Joseph Cayemberg, Henry Cayemberg, Lucy Cayemberg, Ella Cayemberg, Felix Cayemberg, Augusta Martin, Eddie Undlack, John LeCloux, Adele LeDocq, John Dlorig, Charles LeDocq, Fred Naze, Fred Charles, Henry DeVillers, John Hucek, Joe Tlachac, William Hucek, Josephine DeVillers, Philip DeVillers, Math Tlachac, Owen DeVillers, Harry DeVillers, Ida Wautlet, Madeline Wautlet, Bill Andre, Anna Cayemberg, Agnes Tlachac, Mayme DeVillers, Ella Andre, Alice Andre and Henry Vandermause.

The identification was provided Mrs. Lemes by some of these early Rosiere pupils."

So sad that it isn't by row!  It would be great to see all the Cayembergs.  I don't have pictures of all of them.  Lots of familiar names.  Names of family members and possible family members.  I've seen many of these names in funeral cards that I have, but haven't made connections with.  Seeing all these names helps to remind me that they may not all be related.  They may have been school friends as well.