Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Back when postage was 4 cents!

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As I was organizing my files the other day, I came across some papers that were passed on to me by my uncle regarding our Tabor side of my family.  I had given them a quick read when I first received them, but really nothing more.  I knew they were in reference to the death and estate of my great grandfather, but I didn't realize remember that there was drama involved.

Part of me was giggling as I transcribed this letter for this post.  Why was I giggling?  Because as I read it, it sounded all too familiar.  My father certain unnamed member of my family is all about the quick buck.  This letter was written to "Corp" from Adam.  Adam is my great uncle Adam Tabor Jr and "Corp" was the family nickname for my grandfather, Clarence Paul Tabor.  Apparently when Adam Sr died, my grandfather wanted his share and wanted it now...and he didn't really care about the inconvenience or hardship that it would cause his siblings.  The letter doesn't exactly say that, but let's just say that Adam's reply to a letter that my grandfather apparently sent is dripping with disdain for his request.

The inflation of the value of Clarence's portion of the estate and the immediate gratification are things that I can see were passed down to his oldest son.  The difference is Adam responded to his brother in a way that I wish I had seen more people respond to the apple!  My great uncle Adam was always this odd-looking man that I'd only seen in pictures.  I have new respect for the man I never met!  Great job, uncle Adam!

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"June 22 - 1960

Dear Corp.

Sorry I could not answer your [sic] any sooner.  The day your letter arrived, I had the virus.  This letter is going to disappoint you, as you read later on I'll answer this letter in a forum bases so it will be plain and explained in a easier way.

I.  I have talked to Lillian, Stan, Aldona; and Leo, and they cannot in a way, see it your way.

(a) Zentar's [sic] still has mortgage on their house, as they have done some extensive repairing on their house.

(B) Ruminski's can't get that much money together.  Carolyn just graduated from Central; and is going to nurses Training at the Mercy Hospital and that takes a little money.

(C) If I (Adam) had money I would not be driving around in a 1951 jalopy.

II.  If we were to go and borrow money from the Bank to buy your share, who is going to pay the interest on the loan.

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(A)  If we take a mortgage on the house, who is going to pay the interest and principal back to the bank.  If a prospective buyer knows there is a mortgage on the house will practically set his own price.

(C) To buy your share of the house, we have to hire a lawyer to change the will, and go to court to have it legalized.  Would cost $100.00  I know because I have inquired about that.

III.  If you want to I have the consent of the Zenters & Ruminskies to send you $300.00 no more and that amount to be deducted from your share when the estate is sold.  Is that fair enough

Now you say your share of the estate is $4500.00 which means it is worth $18000.000 to you.  If you can get a buyer for the property at that price you bring him or her to Scranton to show them the property, at my expense, and if they buy I will give you from my share as a bonus $500.00.

Now I have explained the best I know how.  And I hope you can see our side of the situation.  I am still waiting for a thank you for the check for $250.00 I send last Christmas time.

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Your brother