Monday, June 4, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Mary Dart

The other week I posted the tombstone for John B. Dart (Jean Baptiste) and it was one of those, Oh-my-goodness-you-mean-I-had-that-tombstone-all-along moments.  This would be the other half to that pair.  Mary Dart was John's wife (their marriage date is still unknown).  Mary and John were my husband's 3rd great grandparents.

John and Mary had six known children:  Jean Baptiste Jr, Marie (Mary), Jules, Eugene, Antoinette, and Desira (Desire).

I'm still slowly chipping away at the Dart-line. Always feels good to make some progress, no matter how small. Until next time, have fun tending your roots!

"In memory of Mary J. Dart
Died May 3, 1902
Aged 92 years"