Monday, August 5, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - A New Tabor Tombstone

Mountain View Cemetery, West Hazleton, PA
I've shared (or at least I think I have...hmmm I'll have to check on that!) the tombstones for my paternal grandmother, Florence Tabor nee Bronsavage, and my paternal grandfather, Clarence Tabor, before.  Sadly, on November 12th of last year my uncle, Leonard Tabor, passed away.

I remember years ago talking with my father and uncle about where they wanted to be buried (grim conversation, but not to a genealogist).  My father wanted to be buried with his dad, and my uncle wanted to be buried with his mom.

My uncle had made plans.  He knew he was dying.  The funeral and the tombstone had been planned and paid for before his death.  When I went back to Pennsylvania this summer, I visited the cemetery where they were buried.  The separate tombstones for my grandparents were gone and there was one tombstone set in its place.

It was weird seeing the old tombstones gone.  It was painful to see my uncle's name on the tombstone and know that I wouldn't get to see him again, but it was made a little easier knowing that he was buried with family as he wanted.