Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - So Memorable He Got an Editorial

Hazleton Standard Speaker 24MAY1971, pg 12

I've said before the Maurice Blum's obituary was impressive.  I've never (in my limited experience) seen an editorial written on a local person that had died.  Granted, most of the information in the editorial is almost verbatim from the obituary (who knows...perhaps the gentleman that wrote the editorial also had a hand in the obit), but it was still surprising to see.  I came across the editorial purely by accident as I was searching the newspaper for his burial notice.  No author was attributed to the editorial.

Here it is:

"Dr. Maurice L. Blum

'One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.'

This quotation by the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, famed jungle missionary and physician, is applicable to the subject of this editorial - Dr. Maurice L. Blum.

Dr. Blum sought and found how to serve his fellow man.  His death last Thursday terminated a life of dedication to the service of others.

He was a benefactor to his country, community and profession, serving with distinction as soldier, leader, counselor and worker.

When the need arose for leadership or active membership in a worthy cause Dr. Blum was always available and, once involved, never faltered in his efforts to attain the objectives.

A veteran of World War 1, he was always considerate of those who were about to or had served their country.  This fact was evidenced by his participation in the preinduction programs for draftees, his hospital projects for veterans and his participation in veterans affairs.  He was a past commander of the Hazleton American Legion Post, served in many other capacities with that organization and was very active in the Greater Hazleton Veterans Association.

His compassion for the less fortunate was manifested in the programs of cheer he organized for th patients at the White Haven Sanitorium and the White Haven State School and Hospital, in his work with the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the United Fund and other welfare agencies.

He made great contributions of service as president and member of the Hazleton Lions Club, devoted much time and effort to the Boy Scouts, Heart Association, Unico Club and the Hazleton Tuberculosis and Health Society.

The Greater Hazleton Jaycees cited Dr. Blum as the 'Outstanding Citizen' in 1957.

In his profession of optometry he was awarded life memberships in the national, state and regional association for his service as an officer.  He aided int he organization of the anthracite optometry group.

Dr. Blum sought and found how to serve, gained happiness from his unselfish endeavors and will never be forgotten by those he served and those with whom he served."