Monday, December 5, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Remembering This Holiday Season

I went to the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery last week to participate in November's challenge from Lorine McGinnis of Olive Tree Genealogy.  Lorine will soon be working her video magic on the various submissions that were sent to her, but I wanted to take this Tombstone Tuesday and share some of the photos I took.

The cemetery decorates the veterans' graves with flags during Memorial and Veterans Days and wreaths during the holidays.  It is a beautiful sight to see.  There are many people that help to put out the flags/wreaths as well as clean them up each time it's needed.  One of those groups that helps is a local Boy Scout Troop.  Great work, boys!  Thank you for remembering these heroes and their families.

This holiday season I will be remembering the loved ones that couldn't be with us anymore.  They are alive in our hearts and our work!

All I can say here is WOW! Served during 3 wars (I don't care if they say Korea was a "conflict")...

"Robert Sanders
WWII   Korea   Vietnam
May 23, 1923    Mar 25, 2005"

I'm not trying to single out Sergeants Major here, but another Wow!

"William McPherson
Korea   Vietnam
Jan 22, 1932    Apr 23, 2005
Silver Star
Bronze Star
Purple Heart"

I can only imagine your experience...

"Warne S May
1LT US Army
World War II
Mar 8, 1920   Oct 6, 1999
Carlyn M May
Mar 22, 1921    Mar 11, 2008"

Thank you, Sir

"Carl William Gustke Jr
United States Army
Sep 25, 1947   Jan 12, 2011

And we cannot forget those on the home front for these vets.

"Kil Sun Foxen
Feb 25, 1951   Sep 24, 2006
Wife of
CW2 Robert A Neal


"Mary Lou McDilda
Oct 6, 1938   May 4, 2004
Wife of
A1C Robert K McDilda

And those still waiting for their markers still got wreaths...

Thank you all!