Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wednesday's Child - Anne Marie Arendt

I was looking through the pile of funeral/memorial cards and came across this one.  Anne Marie was 11 years old when she died.  I don't know how or if she is related.  The card could have been kept because she was a child, but I will be pulling the obituary from the Green Bay Press-Gazette when I get back to Wisconsin next time.  It's always sad to see someone taken so young.  Having a 12 year old son, I cannot imagine what the family went through.

Rest in peace, Anne Marie.

**UPDATE** - Shortly after posting this story my sister-in-law, Karen, told me that Anne Marie isn't a relation, but she was one of her best friends from kindergarten through 4th grade.  Anne Marie passed away after becoming ill from encephalitis when she was in 5th grade.  Her family moved away from Green Bay, Wisconsin shortly after her death.  Anne Marie is still remembered and thought of often.  Thanks, Karen!