Monday, February 25, 2013

Travel Tuesday - The ICBU Convention

I blogged briefly in an Amanuensis Monday post on the Irish Catholic Benevolent Union (ICBU).  There really isn't a lot of literature out there concerning this organization and that's a shame because I know that it was a part of my Pennsylvania ancestors' lives.

In a photo album that I scanned from my aunt there were several pictures over 2 pages that were labeled "I.C.B.U. convention, Kingston, Aug. 19th/13"  I can't find out which "Kingston" this was and I haven't (yet) been able to find out where the ICBU convention was held in 1913.  One of the pictures was also labeled "Saint Patrick's Hall," but that didn't yield anything either.  Kingston is a popular city name and Saint Patrick...well...Irish patron saint...need I say more?

The only book I was able to find so far on the ICBU was a 1953 print dissertation by Sister Joan Marie Donohoe, S.N.D., M.A. from the Congregation of Notre Dame de Namur of Belmont, California.  It was submitted to the Catholic University of America as a requirement for her doctor of philosophy degree.  One of the books I need to dive into after I return my newest pile of library books.  Hopefully, it will help me better understand the pictures in this family album from my Quirk ancestors.

The very bottom picture was particularly interesting.  My Irish ancestors at an Irish Catholic convention of some sorts (and by looking at several of the pictures a parade was held) and there's a British flag.  Knowing the tension between the Irish Catholics and the British Protestants I can only suppose that someone was looking for conflict.

If anyone has any ideas about these pictures, I'd love to hear them!

This photo wasn't labeled ICBU, but was on the same page

A British flag at the ICBU convention?  I guess these two groups just couldn't resist the confrontation.