Thursday, January 8, 2015

Family Reunion Friday - Cayemberg Family 1954, part 2

I previously transcribed an article for the 1954 reunion from a scrapbook that was passed on to me.  As I made my way through scanning and transcribing the articles I saw that there was a second and much longer article from a paper on this particular reunion so instead of including it in the first transcription and making that ├╝ber-long I figured I'd do a separate post.

When you read the transcription below you'll notice that the guest of honor spoke to the reunion. What I found significant about this was the fact that she hoped they would all be back the following year. Florence Cayemberg was 84 at the time of this reunion. She most likely knew that there was a chance that she wouldn't be there, but she still wanted the reunions to continue. Florence would only make two more reunions. She died in 1956. In what she said she made her wishes known to all in attendance.

Another part of significance in the clipping was the while there were 120 in attendance (a fairly good turn-out) there were many that were missing because the reunion conflicted with another event. This can't always be avoided, but you should try to whenever possible. Don't be of the mind that the reunion comes first because this won't be the case for everyone. Sure it would be nice if it was, but you could have what would be nice or what is reality. Reality has a higher turnout when you accept it.

Now I'm not saying that you need to set a date that is good for everyone. That will never happen. I'm talking about the big stuff that is avoidable. Learn to be flexible and roll with the changes. Inflexibility is a one way ticket to animosity and the end of something good. I'm not being critical of this reunion. Rather I'm using the mention of the conflict as a talking point. Something that could be learned from.

"Cayemberg Family Holds Get-Together

Phone Luxemburg 47F2

(handwritten '1954')

TONET - The annual Cayemberg reunion was held at Pamperin park Sunday.  Mrs.  Eli Cayemberg, 84, was the honored guest.  She was presented with a corsage of red roses and a purse.  She, in turn, spoke to the group, thanked them all and hoped all would be together again next year.  She donated three prizes which were won by Mrs. Byron Gregor, Mrs. Joe Demcak and Miss Helen Weir.

Another special guest was Mrs. Cayemburg's (sic) sister, Mrs. Agnes Tardiff, Duluth, Minn.  She also spoke a few words to the group. 

Potluck dinner and supper were served in the spacious dining room.

Mrs. Harvey Moureau and Mrs. Felix Cayemberg were this year's chairmen.

The smaller children were presented with balloons and enjoyed the swings and other park equipment.

Next year the reunion will again be held the first Sunday in June at Pamperin park.  The chairmen will be Mrs. Lucy Anderson and Mrs. Pat Cayemberg.  Frank Cayemberg will be in charge of the refreshments.

About 120 were present at this reunion.  A number were unable to attned due to the Holy Name Rally at Marinette, also held Sunday.

Present were, 'Grandmother' Cayemberg, Pulaski; Mrs. Agnes Tardiff, Duluth, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cayemberg and children, Wally, Merlin, Gaylen, Dennis and Sharon, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Paluch, children, Edward, jr., Hubert, Emily, Mary and Joey, all of Pulaski; Mr. and Mrs. Felix Cayemburg (sic), daughter, Lois, Ensign, Mich.; Earl Cayemberg and Alan Golbraith, Appleton; Robert Cayemberg, Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. Wilferd (sic) Cayemberg, daughter Carol, and son, Kenneth, and friend, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cayemberg, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cayemberg, son, Donald, and daughter, Nancy, all of Manitowoc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Demcak, son, Douglas, and Steve Gregor, Two Rivers; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Christenson, daughters, Judy and Darlene, Sturgeon Bay; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Younk and family, Mrs. William Younk, Kewaunee; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Matuszak, children, Gary, Diane, Danny and Claire, Algoma; Mrs. Elmer Guillette, son, Ronald, Mrs. Rose Christenson, Casco; Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gregor and Mrs. Libbie Wattawa, Rio Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Guillette and Miss Helen Weir, Anston.

Mrs. Eli Cravillion, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Lemens, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Guillette, daughter, Lila Mae, and son, Adelbert, Tonet; Miss Gladys Glase, Luxemburg; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cravillion, daughter, Patsy, Walhain; mrs. Donald Nellis, daughter, Jusy, Dyckesville.

Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Cayemberg, Mrs. Lucy Anderson, son, "Russie", Miss Donna VanCaster, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cayemberg and children, David, Diane, Gladys and Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Moureau and daughter, Karen, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Cayemberg and children, Wayne and Glen, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Blohowisk and children James, Carol Jean, Christie and Randy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fellows, Albert Gouin and children, Robert, Mary and Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Cayemberg and children, Shirley, Marvin, Dale and Joan, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Moureau and daughter, Kathie, Mr. and Mrs. Darold Cayemberg and daughter, Roxanne, Mrs. Louis Villers, Mrs. Eva Vanbaneden, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Tilkens and children, Carl, Rita, Tommie and Theresa, all of Green Bay. Several other friends also attended."

The clipping was taken from a scrapbook handed down to me by my mother in law.  No newspaper name was given, but other reunion articles were from the Green Bay Press Gazette.