Monday, August 19, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Patrons of the Church

When you walk through the front doors of Saint Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church (now Holy Annunciation Parish) in Hazleton, Pennsylvania there is a small lobby before entering the main portion of the church itself.  On either side of the doors to the entry to the main area hang these beautiful brass, engraved placards.

It was incredibly difficult to get decent pictures of them because with the lights on or off the glare from the outside sun was ever present.  Not having anything with me to block out the sun, I did the best I could.  These are the names of the people and families that donated to Saint Gabriel's in 1931 (the placard to the left).

"This plaque is erected in memory of Rt. Rev. Monsignor J.S. Fagan and in honor of the following donors

Main Altar, Mrs. Sarah McHugh, deceased
Altar Railing, St. Gabriel's School Children
Blessed Mother's Altar and Statue, Catholic Women's Club
Saint Joseph's Altar, Mrs. R.E. Walsh
Pulpit, Mrs. J.H. Garrahan
Priedieux and Vestment Press, Mrs. C. Gallagher, N.Y.
Statue of Saint Joseph, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ryan
Statue and Pedestal of Little Flower, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Coll
Baptismal Font, Dr. John J. Corrigan
Sanctuary Chairs and Stools, John J. Gough
Statue of Scared Heart, Dr. James A. Corrigan
Candlesticks for Funerals, John J. Boyle
Sanctuary Lamp, May Boyle
Chimes, Thomas Bonner Family
Holy Water Font, Mrs. John Kennedy
Holy Water Font, Miss Theresa Kennedy
Holy Water Font, Joseph O'Donnell
Paintings, Nativity and Annunciation, Mrs. John J. Kelly
Painting, Crucifixion, Miss Theresa Kennedy
Gold Crosses on Steeple, Miss Jane Gorman

Front Windows
Rose Window, Mrs. M.A. Gallagher
Lower Windows, Timothy McCarthy, deceased

Large Windows
Rt. Rev. Monsignor J.S. Fagan
Rev. P.J. Brennan
Peter B. Sheridan
P.J. Smith
Frank McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Campbell
In Memory of Mrs. Ellen Gorman
Gaughan Family
Mrs. Mary Boney
Dennis O'Donnell
D.T. Gallagher Family
Patrick McKenna Family

Lower and Small Windows
John Collins
Mrs. Elizabeth Brehm
In Memory of James A. Gorman
John Burns
Mrs. Eliza Clabby
Mr. Leonard
Rev. William Slattery
Luke McGraw
Rev. D.A. Boyle
Charles Cannon

Stations of the Cross
In Memory of Mr. D.T. Gallagher
Mary Reilly
Mary Brady
Regina Burns
Frank Gallagher
Mrs. Patrick O'Donnell
In Memory of Mrs. D.T. Gallagher
Margaret and Mary Ryan
Mary McKelvey
Hugh Scott Family
Thomas Ryan
Mrs. Thomas Dunleavy
Mrs. Kate Doud
Margaret Long

Accessories of the Main Altar
Candlesticks, Council of Catholic Women
Chalice, Miss Jane Gordan
Ciborium, In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Gallagher
Crucifix, Annie and Patrick Breslin
Candlesticks, B.T. Boyle
Paschal Candle, Mrs. Thomas Martin
Altar Cards, P.F. Herron
Candlesticks, Mrs. P. Cullinan
Vases, Rev. J.W. Gilpatrick
Vases, Rev. James A. Walsh
Vases, Rev. John E. Walsh
Altar Linens, Theresa Kennedy
Altar Linens, Mrs. John McBride, Sr.
Missal Stand, John McBride, Jr.
Vases, Mr. and Mrs. M. Flynn
Altar Cards, John and Joseph McGee
Gold Lace, Mrs. Edward McGee
Mass Book, Mrs. James Conahan
Cruets, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crossin

Accessories for Side Altars
Candlesticks, Agnes Byrne
Candlesticks, Margaret Byrne
Candlesticks, Mary Dugan
Candlesticks, Mrs. Bridget Hayes
Candlesticks, Mrs. M.A. Ryan
Vases, Mrs. James Fox
Vases, Mrs. Philip Reilly
Gold Lace, Mrs. Francis English
Gold Lace. Mrs. Dennis Brogan

Rugs for Sanctuary, Altar and Rosary Society
Lace, Albs, Mrs. Margaret Burke
Censer, Mrs. C.J. McGee
Holy Water Font, Mrs. Joseph Campbell
Sacristy Cabinet, Mary Gallagher
Crucifix, Daniel Gallagher
Extinguishers, Altar and Rosary Society
Altar Bread Box, Mr. Reed
Ablution Cup, Miss B. McKiernan
Cabinet, Table and Baskets, Altar and Rosary Society

Communion Plates, Mrs. J.B. Garrahan and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy