Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Unknown Collection Continues...

This album was passed down from my Quirk ancestors who lived in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Now this photo wasn't taken in northeastern Pennsylvania, but I do know that one of my Quirk ancestors went out to Pittsburgh for the funeral of one Mrs. David Menges.  Mrs. Menges had siblings with the surname Lee and these same siblings came out to northeastern Pennsylvania for Mary Quirk nee Lee's funeral in 1913.  So there is some common Lee relationship out there.  Sadly, I don't have these Lees in my family tree and I've spent years trying to find and figure out who they were and how they fit.

So seeing any of these photographs in my album that were taken in Pittsburgh always makes me wonder if they could be  members of the Lee or Menges family.  As always, I hope that someday, someone may come across my blog and I may finally find out.