Monday, September 30, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday - Kelsey Kathryn Rowden

I transcribed an obituary for Kelsey Kathryn Rowden back in March.  When I had transcribed the obituary for my great Aunt Lillian I noticed Kelsey's obituary.  It's always so desperately sad when a child dies and I had to share her obituary.

I created a memorial on FindAGrave for Kelsey shortly after that post and requested a picture of her tombstone be taken by a volunteer.  Recently I received an email letting me know that a photo was posted and the volunteer, Maribel Rivera, kindly gave me permission to share her photos of Kelsey's grave.

What surprised me when I saw the photo was that there was no permanent marker for Kelsey.  I wonder if something happened to the original marker or perhaps there was none.

In the second picture you can see an older temporary funeral home marker which would lead me to believe that no permanent marker was ever placed, yet there are flowers left behind for Kelsey.  Her first name is spelled incorrectly on the new temporary marker too...or is it wrong in the clipping I transcribed?

The dates are wrong as well.  Her obituary has her being born on March 9, 1976 and passing on May 3rd.  There seems to be a lot wrong with this new temporary marker.  It makes me lean toward the name being misspelled by the funeral home here rather than in the obituary.

Either way, I'm delighted that she is being remembered, but each time I see a grave without a proper marker I wish that I could do something about it.  I wish they weren't so incredibly expensive so that cost, at least, wouldn't be an issue for family wishing to place one.  Who knows the reasons.