Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Oh, No They Didn't!

I was in Madison at the Wisconsin Historical Society last week and while searching for obituaries for my husband's side of the family I came across this article on the front page of the Dodge County Citizen (17SEP1896).  All I can say is if Mrs Newman died suddenly, I hope there was an investigation!  Even if she died after a long illness, it was in extremely poor taste.  Not my family, but I had to share!

"Married at his Wife's Funeral

Mr. Newman of Buffalo Valley, W. Va. Makes a Double Play

Huntingon, W. Va., Sept. 14 - The funeral exercises of Mrs. Marion Newman were conducted Sunday at Buffalo Valley Baptist church.  Immediately after the ceremony Mr. Newman and Miss Melinda Daniels, a cousin of Newman's dead wife, stepped forward, handed a license to the minister and requested to be married.  The minister performed the marriage ceremony, too."