Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Patrick Cayemberg Jr & Dolores Kuehl


This is the wedding announcement for my husband's mom and dad with some of the wedding pictures.  I love my in-laws!
Unknown Wisconsin Newspaper

"Pat Cayemberg, Jr. Takes Miss Dolores [sic] Kuehl For Bride

{hand-written May 14, 1960}

St. Killian's Church New Franken was the scene of the May 14th [sic] wedding of Miss Dolores [sic] Kuehl, daughter of the Romand [sic] Kuehl's [sic] Campbellsport [sic] and M. Patrick Cayemberg Jr. son of the Senior Patrick Cayembergs [sic], 2023 Willow St.  The Rev. Fr. J. B. Reickel, officiated.

The newlyweds will reside in Green Bay following a honeymoon to the Western States.

Honeymooning in the Western states are Patrick Cayemberg Jr. and his bride, the former Miss Dolores [sic] Kuehl.  They were married Saturday morning, May 14th [sic], at St. Kilian's Church, New Franken, with the Rev. J. B. Reickel officiating.  Mr. Cayemberg is the son of the senior Patrick Cayembergs of Green Bay, and the bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Romand Kuehl, Campbellsport, Rt. 3.

The bride was escorted to the front of the church by her father, and was attended by Mrs. Vincent Ryan, matron of honor; along with Mrs. Richard List, Mrs. Rolland Cayemberg, Mrs. Darold Cayemberg, Miss Margie Rousseau and Miss Marie-Jo Hensch as bridal aides.

Wayne Cayemberg performed the duties of best man for the bridegroom, while Richard List, Glen Cayemberg, Darold Cayemberg, Rolland Cayemberg and Vincent Ryan were groomsmen.  Guests were ushered by Larry Laurent and Alois Beisbier.

A bridal dinner was served at Krueger's Hotel in Theresa, followed by a reception and dance at West Park Ballroom in West Bend.  When they return from their honeymoon trip, the Cayembergs will make their home in Green Bay."

Was that article disjointed or what?  So many spelling errors...I mean misspelling the bride's name, although at least they misspelled it consistently throughout the article!  I had to get through transcribing the whole thing before I could convince myself that it wasn't two different articles pasted together.  I had cut and pasted it together because the original was in some lopsided pieces in a scrapbook, but I really began questioning myself.  Of course all the misspellings and the date of the wedding being wrong should have been big flags that it wasn't my cut and paste job but the lack of an editor with any real skills. 

Leona Kuehl nee Boegel helping her daughter Dolores
The Kuehls on the left and the Cayembergs on the right
The wedding party