Thursday, December 22, 2011

Follow Friday - A Brief Edition

Blogging has been a bit sparse as the Holidays grow near.  I'm enjoying family and hope you all are as well!

I've seen so many great posts in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, but this one by Amy Coffin, I just had to share.  I love the idea!  Check out a great idea by her mom for what to do with all those Christmas cards and Holiday photos!

Jen Woods over at Climbing My Family Tree had a great post idea.  It was simple, but brilliant.  She posted a signature from an ancestor she found in a probate packet.  It's really the little things that make you feel great about a find.  Do you have any ancestor's signatures? Did they give you an extra special feeling when you saw them?

At Renee's Genealogy Blog a cute poem was posted about grandma and her genealogy addiction.  In my case it would be mommy!

An excellent point (and one that is still valid today).  I always find it amazing how the story changes depending on the outcome of a war/conflict.  A perfect illustration of that in this post by Donald Shaffer on the Civil War Emancipation blog.  While I agree that we may never know if this exchange took place, we can most likely check newspapers for all the blustering opinions of the day!

Save A Grave shared a post from the Archdiocese of Washington about the oddest mausoleum, I've ever seen.  When space is at a up!  I agree with the concern of upkeep.  We've all seen what happens to old cemeteries and the thought of a 32-story deteriorating mausoleum is scary!

I hate knee-jerk reactions.  I hate jerks two and this has them both!  Legislators trying to take away the Social Security Death Index because it will help stop fraud/identity theft.  Just shows the ignorance of many of those that make our laws.  Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak makes some excellent points.  Maybe she should run for office!

Until next post, have fun tending those roots!