Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - One of My Most Cherished Possessions

Lovely detailing on the spine.
The Bard on the front
Marian V. Brown

When I drove home to Pennsylvania last year, my mother gave me my Great Aunt Marian Brown's Complete Works of Shakespeare.  I adore The Bard and this meant (and still means) so much to me.  I couldn't find a publication date anywhere in the book.  It doesn't look like any pages came out, so I don't know if I'm just over-looking it or if it's just not there.

Marian Veronica Brown was the Theatre/Drama teacher at Hazleton High School.  Sadly, I don't know much about her that's fact (and when I say fact, I mean tales that have been verified).  She died far too young in my opinion.  I wish I had known her.  She is so far just stories.  Random mentions of a lady that my mom and her siblings know, and I don't.  It's one of those things that when you ask to know more not much gets said.  I really need to put together a list of questions for my mom and ask her face to face when I visit again in a few months.

There's a pretty good story about Marian having a love affair with a famous author, but I'll have to wait to post on that until I get home and get some details on that story!  Until then I can only cherish my Shakespeare tome.