Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Those Places Thursday - Time to Confuse my Descendants Again

Garden of the Gods

So if being in the military wasn't enough to throw those pesky descendants off my trail, we're moving again.  I know, I know...we aren't in the military anymore, but it matters not.  We're on our way to Colorado Springs!

I'm excited.  Very excited.  Colorado Springs is a gorgeous area.  But I'm a bit sad too.  My boys are in an awesome school and we got close to quite a few people here.  We weren't really thinking that we'd be leaving Killeen, least not until retirement, when we'll no doubt join the great Packer fans of Wisconsin.

So getting close makes this move harder.  I was close to many people while I was in the military, but you expect to move every few years.  It's just different.  I'm leaving behind great people, but thank goodness for Facebook, FaceTime, and Skype!

So I'll look at the positive points.  Gorgeous area.  Lots of outdoor stuff to do.  Four seasons...yay, snow! Adventure!  Only about a one day drive to Salt Lake City (time for my first visit!)

My resolutions which will make this move an even more positive one:

1)  I will not become PTA/PTO-involved for a minimum of one year.  I'll join whatever parent organization the schools have, but I'll just have to give them a wrong phone number or something. Take my dues and leave me alone for a couple years.  Lay low...

2)  I will be my 6 year old's Tiger Den Leader or Assistant Tiger Den Leader, but I will not have one of the Committee positions in either Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop for at least one or two years.

3)  I will finally head out to the Family History Library!

4)  I will crank up my genealogical studies.  Either by more online courses and webinars, or (preferably) by taking the Boston University certificate program or Monterey Peninsula College's program.

5) Once I feel comfortable back in the genealogy world, I'll be heading for my certification.

So maybe this move isn't a bad one.  It looks like it will be freeing up my time so I can refocus on my business. Here's hoping anyway!