Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Victor and Mary Laurent

Like I said on Sunday, I knew I had a picture/clipping of their anniversary somewhere!

"Married 50 Years - Mr. and Mrs. Victor Laurent [sic] of Tonet, Kewaunee County, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary today.  They were married in St. Martin's Catholic Church at Tonet, and have spent their entire married life in the community on the Laurent [sic] homestead farm.  They have three children, ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. (Photo by Edward Christensen)"

Unfortunately the clipping doesn't have a date on it, but I know that Victor and Mary Laurent nee Dart were married in 1906.  So it should be from 1956 and look so happy after 50 years together!

Victor and Mary's Wedding
Victor and Mary's 50th anniversary