Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - I Know I'm Extremely Lucky


Almost every family reunion clipping!
I know I'm extremely lucky to have these.  I'm lucky to have them in my possession and I'm lucky that my husband's paternal grandmother put these together.  They are a true treasure.  One that I let collect dust for far too long!

A few years ago my mother-in-law passed on to me several family artifacts, including these two books.  I was delighted to be given them, but life got in the way of me doing anything with them, so I put them aside and kept telling myself that I would get back to them soon.

Pages and pages of obituaries
As I mentioned before, I attended my first Scanfest on June 26th and had a blast.  I had a box of clippings to scan and got through them all.  They were clippings that had fallen out of the pages of these scrapbooks.  When I got done with these loose clippings, I was "in the zone" and didn't want to stop.  I pulled the scrapbooks out and began paging through them.  I found so many important obituaries and wedding announcements that I wanted to kick myself for not getting to them earlier.

And pages of wedding/engagement announcements!
I had to stop eventually to spend time with the hubby and kids (after all, I do this all for them), but I'm going to make sure I put a little time each day to preserving these albums.  I could scan them, but the pages are already falling out of the books, so I will most likely use my camera to capture the data.  It will be worth it in the end.

I've got less than 2 weeks before heading back to Pennsylvania on vacation with the family (and to do some research...gotta have my fun too!).  We'll see how much I can get done.  I'll be set for Wedding Wednesday, Military Monday and Sunday's Obituary until about 2015!

Have fun tending those roots!  I love this stuff!!!

Military draftees and service members...

...Some never came home.