Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Intermission

I just wanted to make a quick post explaining my absence for the next week or so.  I'm not hiding in a box somewhere, but the movers have arrived so it's time to pack the house, clean the house, get out of the house and sell the house, of course.

The next week or two are going to be absolutely insane with our move to Colorado Springs and then dashing from there to the 75th Cayemberg Family Reunion in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 10th.  It's exciting, but exhausting.  I hope to get a blog post up here and there, but in case you all don't hear from me in a few weeks, rest assured that I didn't get packed inside one of the boxes without internet connection! I shall return!

But right now, it's time to start another part of life's great adventure, and hopefully find some time to's hoping.