Monday, November 21, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Eugene and Josephine Dart

Eugene and Josephine's tombstone (why did I not clean it when I was there!)

Eugene Dart
Eugene and Josephine Dart nee Hermans are my husband's 2nd great grandparents.  Eugene was born on September 18, 1845 in  Grand-Leez, Namur, Belgium to Jean Baptiste Sr and Marie Josephe Dart nee Podor.  He was the fourth of six known children: Jean Baptiste Jr, Marie Julienne, Jules Joseph, Eugene (of course), Antoinette, and Desira.

He married Josephine Hermans in 1871 in Wisconsin and they had twelve known children:

Jean Baptiste
Odile (also spelled Odele)
Mary (my husband's great grandmother)
August Joseph

Josephine Dart nee Hermans
Josephine was born in Belgium (location unknown) on March 23, 1851 to Charles and Josephe Hermans nee Landeck.  While I haven't been able to confirm any siblings enough to warrant putting them in my tree (I've found some, but my research hasn't convinced me yet!), I was able to find another tid-bit while searching for this blog post...Her parents' marriage in Belgium!  Very nice...different blog post though!

Eugene died in 1924 and Josephine died on October 25, 1930 in Wisconsin.  They are buried in Saint Martin's Cememtery, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.

[Thank you Cheryl (no not me) for sharing the Dart pictures with me!]