Thursday, June 23, 2011

Follow Friday - Some Highlights From the Week

Just a few posts that I had wanted to share which I found extremely interesting or useful!

Dick Eastman posted about a security issue at Dropbox that occurred this week.  We're certainly used to hearing about those lapses in security and luckily Dropbox fixed the problem after a few hours.  I love my Dropbox and will certainly keep using it.  I have little doubt that anyone was waiting for the opportunity to steal Cub Scout photos, PTA data and a portion of my family tree!  It wasn't a hack-job, but an upgrade error that was corrected.  Dick's got so much more information and insight on this than I summed up here, so if you haven't read the article head on over!

Relative Roots is offering a series of Webinars on Genetic Genealogy.  Viewing this post was rather timely since I'm considering asking my uncle if he would do a DNA test since he is the last male Brown in my line.  I'm completely inexperienced in DNA for genealogy (shameful, I know!) and I figured that I'd better get my learnin' on!  If you've missed the date for a Webinar that you're interested in, they are available for viewing for 7 days after the live event.  Just head on over and register (you have to register for the recorded Webinars as well.).  Some of the Webinars are free and some cost a small fee.  If you've still got questions about DNA it might be the thing to check out!

Kathy Reed over at the Family Matters blog had a very interesting post about Understanding Relative Disease Risk Using 23andme.  As I just mentioned these DNA posts have really got me charged up.  I didn't realize that they could also tell you your risk factors for certain genetic diseases.  It certainly doesn't mean that you'll get one, but hey, it's good to be armed with all the information possible especially if you end up in a doctor's office one day wondering what's going on?  And as Kathy said in her post, "I could not have been tested for this mutation for $99 alone much less received all of the additional information supplied to me."  How very true!

The Ancestry Insider had an interesting post about just How Reliable is the SSDI?  Don't worry though.  Insider isn't saying it's completely inaccurate, just to be cautious when using it an verify the results.  Kind of like with everything we do.  Just because it's in the SSDI doesn't mean it should be taken as gospel and verse.  Very good read though.  I did not know that many young people aren't listed in the index because they "die before receiving benefits".  Very good intel!

Tons more great stuff out there, but this week I was playing catch up with over 500 posts in my feed.  I need to get better at reading them!  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!