Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Brown-Tabor Engagement

Standard Speaker, 30JUN1964, pg 15
Mommy! Yeah...my mom's a babe. I love this picture. I had never seen it until I came across it searching newspapers. I'm so glad I found it though!

"Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Brown, 576 West Green street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Alice, to Paul C. Tabor, son of Clarence P. Tabor, and the late Mrs. Florence Tabor, 230 East Broad street, West Hazleton.

Miss Brown was graduated from Hazleton High School in 1962 and attended Marywood College, Scranton.

Mr. Tabor was graduated from Hazleton High School in 1960 and is employed by Allied Egry Business Forms, Philadelphia, as cameraman."

You know when I got married I didn't even think to put anything in the newspaper. Not the news in Hawaii nor the news back in Hazleton, PA. Maybe if I remained in my hometown it would have been something I thought of. Being stationed elsewhere, well, it never even crossed my mind. If it didn't cross my mind for my marriage I can tell you that it certainly didn't for my engagement. I also didn't do any engagement photos. I had a photographer at my wedding, but those pictures were for family, not for the papers.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I disagree with the tradition. I love it in fact. I regret not thinking about it. If I had I most certainly would have done it. Now that my hubby and I are civilians and (hopefully) not moving much anymore I will certainly be making sure that there is something in the local papers when my sons are married. For their engagement that will depend on who they marry. Traditionally it was just the woman that got her picture in an engagement announcement, but it's a little different now. Sometimes you've got the couple in the picture. I'd actually like to see that.

Right now I'll live vicariously through my mom and her beautiful photo in her engagement announcement.