Wednesday, February 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - And Her Name is "Marshmallow"

Week 7: Toys. What was your favorite childhood toy? Is it still being made in some form today?

I so easily could have posted this blog under "Treasure Chest Thursday" because this toy will always be a dear treasure to me!  My favorite toy was a doll that I called Marshmallow...Marshie for short.  I still have her (obviously).  She looks nothing like she did when I first got her.  My father told me that he got her for me because he saw her in a store and said that she looked just like me.  No giggling out there!  I was a baby at the time and my eyes were never made of felt! :)

Apparently, Marshie had some wisps of blond hair for bangs where the hoodie starts (my hair isn't blond, but it was when I was it's safely dyed red).  I vaguely remember that her face was painted on pink/beige cloth and her body wasn't always made of terry-cloth.  What you see now is the beautiful handiwork of my mom.  That's no sarcasm.  It's pure love for her daughter and understanding her daughter's love for her dolly.

My mom had to give Marshie several face-lifts and tummy tucks.  It was either that or throw her out and that couldn't happen.  I couldn't sleep if I lost Marshie!  I remember one time she couldn't be found at bedtime and my parents tore the house apart until she was found!  So, as a result, mom would give her a complete make-over time and again so I could continue to love the stuffing out of her!

I don't know what type of doll she was.  I don't know what she was called or anything about her.  All I know is she was bought around 1972 and that she has wires in her arms and legs so you could pose her.  Nothing like posing a Barbie, but I thought it was neat.  I'd love to find a version of her in her original state, but I wouldn't know how to begin.  I'd never replace her.  Just want to know what the original was like.  Surprisingly there are no pictures of me holding my dolly when I was little.  I may have to look harder.  A sort of "Where's Waldo?" search through family photos!

There's no little girl to pass Marshie on to, but I'll be keeping her forever.  I wonder if my husband would think it odd if I cuddled her tonight?....