Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - The Rosiere Store

From the "Record-Herald", unknown date.

"THE ROSIERE STORE, owned by the late Eli and Florence (Villers) Cayemberg, is pictured in this photo believed to have been taken in the year, 1907.

Florence and Eli unk date
The picture was loaned the Record-Herald by Mrs. Lewis Lemens.  It belonged to her parents, Hubert and Emily (Cayemberg) Guillette.

Eli and Florence Cayemberg are standing in front of the store with their family.  Mrs. Cayemberg holds daughter, Anastasia, who later became Mrs. Harvey Moureau.  She, too, is deceased.

From left: Frank (deceased), Mr. and Mrs. Cayemberg, Emily (who became Mrs. Hubert Guillette and is deceased), Martin Joseph, Henry (deceased), Lucy (who became Mrs. Russell Anderson), Ella (who became Mrs. Eli Cravillion), Felix and Wilfred.  Two other children, Patrick and Walter, were born after the picture was taken.

Seated on the porch are Charles DeVillers, Emil Naze, Willie DeVillers and Mike Wautlet."

I would imagine that the "Record-Herald" mentioned in the article refers to the Algoma Record-Herald, which is a local newspaper, but that is just a guess.  No information was written on the clipping I have, which happens more often than not, but it's good to have the article anyway.  I would love to know when it was published in the paper and why.  Every year the descendants of Eli and Florence Cayemberg nee Villers have a family reunion and it's published in the local paper, complete with the names of all the attendees.  Perhaps this was published around one of the reunions.

Our family's copy of the picture "The Rosiere Store"
I was able to scan a copy of this photograph from my mother-in-law this past Christmas.  I suppose it's a picture that most, if not all, of Eli and Florence's descendants have.  My husband and children are descendants of Patrick, mentioned in the photo, but not in it.  It's still a precious photo even without him in it.

"The Rosiere Store" today (well, about 2002-ish)
During one of my first trips to Wisconsin, visiting with family, my father-in-law took me around to important family points of interest.  Dad was interested in passing on family history, and I cherish the times we spent with him going through cemeteries, hearing stories, and seeing family sites.  One of the places we went on that first trip was to see Eli and Florence's store in Rosiere, Wisconsin.  So, of course, I took a picture.

I took a picture from the van we were riding in.  The next time I'm in Wisconsin (which should be this Christmas) I will be getting my butt out of the car and getting it a bit cold to get a proper picture, or two.

I don't know who owns the building now, but it would be wonderful to have it in the family again someday (if it ever left)!