Sunday, January 18, 2015

Military Monday - Fort Carson GWOT Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, 2009-2010

Fort Carson GWOT Memorial stone, 2009-2010

These photos were taken shortly after Memorial Weekend on Fort Carson. All of the flags, flowers, bottles and various token were left behind by friends and loved ones as a tribute to those they lost. We need to remember ever single one of them!

Roll Call

1LT Tyler E. Parten 10 Sep 2009
SFC Duane A. Thornsbury 12 Sep 2009
SGT David A. Davis 19 Sep 2009
PFC William L. Meredith 21 Sep 2009
SSG Justin T. Gallegos 3 Oct 2009
SGT Christopher T. Griffin 3 Oct 2009
SGT Joshua M. Hardt 3 Oct 2009
SGT Joshua J. Kirk 3 Oct 2009
SPC Stephan L. Mace 3 Oct 2009
SSG Vernon W. Martin 3 Oct 2009
SGT Michael P. Scusa 3 Oct 2009
PFC Kevin C. Thomson 3 Oct 2009
SPC Kevin O. Hill 4 Oct 2009
SPC Jesus O. Flores 15 Oct 2009
SPC Daniel C. Lawson 15 Oct 2009
SSG Glen H. Stivison 15 Oct 2009
PFC Brandon M. Styer 15 Oct 2009
SPC Kimble A. Han 23 Oct 2009

SPC Eric N. Lembke 23 Oct 2009
PFC Devin J. Michel 24 Oct 2009
SGT Eduviges G. Wolf 25 Oct 2009
SGT Jason A. McLeod 23 Nov 2009
SGT Kenneth R. Nichols Jr. 1 Dec 2009
SGT Elijah Rao 5 Dec 2009
SPC Brian R. Bowman 3 Jan 2010
PFC John P. Dion 3 Jan 2010
SGT Joshua A. Lengstorf 3 Jan 2010
SGT Ryan J. Hopkins 8 Jan 2010
SPC Robert J. Donevski 16 Jan 2010
SSG Thaddeus S. Montgomery 20 Jan 2010
SPC Bobby J. Pagan 13 Feb 2010
SSG John A. Reiners 13 Feb 2010
SGT Jeremiah T. Wittman 13 Feb 2010
SSG Michael D. Cardenaz 20 Feb 2010
PFC JR Salvacion 21 Feb 2010
SGT Sean M. Durkin 9 Apr 2010
SGT Michael K. Ingram, Jr. 17 Apr 2010

SGT Grant A. Wichmann 24 Apr 2010
SGT Nathan P. Kennedy 27 Apr 2010
SPC Eric M. Finniginam 1 May 2010
MAJ Jeffery P. Toczylowski 3 Nov 2005**
PFC Charlie C. Antonio 19 Apr 2010
SPC Zakary A. Gansert 15 Jul 2010
SPC Pedro A. Millet Meletiche IV 22 Aug 2010
SPC Chad D. Clements 30 Aug 2010
CH (CPT) Dale A. Goetz 30 Aug 2010
SSG Casey J. Grochowiak 30 Aug 2010
SSG Jesse Infante 30 Aug 2010
SSG Kevin J. Kessler 30 Aug 2010
1LT Mark A. Noziska 30 Aug 2010

May all of our Service Members come home for good soon!

This memorial transcription was difficult to do. As I began inputting the names I noticed large numbers of casualties on October 3rd, 2009 and again on August 30th, 2010. The loss of any of our service members is tragic. Seeing so many taken at once compounds the loss. You can tell that something big happened those days. 

I found an article in the New York Times that explains what happened in the October attack. These service members were stationed at a remote outpost in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border. It occurred in broad daylight and was estimated that 300 insurgents took part. You can read the entire article here.

The only article that could be found on the August 30th, 2010 incident was via Fox News*. They were killed by roadside bombs in Afghanistan. The AP's article was published the day of the attacks and the details seem sketchy and a little contradictory. You can read it here.

*I try not to make it a habit to post articles from untrustworthy news sites, but this was an Associated Press repost. I just wish I could have found the AP linked article.

**I'm not sure why Major Toczylowski's name was placed on this stone when he died in 2005. My best guess would be that it was somehow overlooked when the 2005 stone was created and they were rectifying that by memorializing him on the most recent stone. The year was not a typo. He did pass in 2005.

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