Friday, September 2, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Mother Alphons

Front and back of card for Mother M. Alfons

"Jesus! Mary! Joseph! 'We have loved her in life, let us not forget her in death.'
In Loving Memory of our venerable
Mother M. Alfons
Superior-General of St. Joseph's Convent Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Born Apr. 3, 1850  Died Apr. 5, 1929
'My Jesus pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Sacred Wounds.'"

This is one of over 200 memorial cards that were passed on to me.  I don't know who Mother M. Alfons was to the family, but she meant something.  Was she a relative or a beloved nun?  Or both?  Some day I hope to find out.  "We have loved her in life, let us not forget her in death."  We will not.  Your memory be preserved, Mother Alfons.

I had hoped to do a "Follow Friday" post today, but the air conditioner died yesterday afternoon.  With temperatures still over 100 degrees here in Killeen, TX I've got to limit the time I spend on the computer so it doesn't overheat.  It's a chilly 80 degrees outside right now, so a quick post and then back to waiting for the repairman and hoping he has all the parts he needs.  It could be a long weekend.  How on earth did our ancestors do this?