Friday, January 6, 2012

My Top 10 of the Year

I saw some of my fellow geneabloggers doing this and thought it was pretty neat.  I then asked myself, "What were my top ten posts of the past year?"  Well since my blog is only a little over a year old (I'm still a small-time blogger here!), so I'll just list my "Top 10 of All Time" and here they are...

#10 - "Family Recipe Friday - Bunny Buns" -  Two food posts made it into the Top 10 here and this is an Easter favorite in our family.  My mom used to make them for us and I now make them for my family.  A nice bread with a hint of orange.

#9 - "Sentimental Sunday - A Senior Class Picture with No Yearbook to Call Home" - Hmmm...beware before reading this.  I let a 10 foot tall 500 lb skeleton fall out of my very own closet with this family tidbit.  You have been warned...and no laughing at my hair!

#8 - "Wordless Wednesday - My Aunt is So Going to Kill Me" - My aunt probably won't be cheering (or twirling flaming batons) that this post did so well.  It surprised me too, but what else can you expect with such a beauty!?!

#7 - "Treasure Chest Thursday - Another Reason I'm Lucky" - Oh a genealogical gold mine bestowed on me by my mother-in-law!  And I rescued it from it's slow demise stuck in a "magnetic" photo album.

#6 - "Remembering Veterans & Veterans Within My Family" - So good the first year, I reposted it the second year.  As a vet, I'm incredibly proud of all the veterans out there and those in my family that served.  I was delighted to be able to add on to that over the past year too!  Although I still need a picture of my aunt in uniform (ahem...hint, hint, Aunt Cathy!)

#5 - "Motivation Monday - Cherie's Got Her Groove Back" - How despite being pulled in all different directions by volunteerism, volunteering one hour to a friend gave me the motivation to refocus on my family and genealogical goals!

#4 - "Sunday Supper - Guinness Stew over Colcannon" - My desire to find and create Irish food that was actually good ended here with a new family favorite.  A creation of my own for Saint Patrick's Day and, well, I impressed myself with my own mad-skills.

#3 - "The Peshtigo Fire - A Miracle From the Ashes" - The Peshtigo Fire occurred the same day as the Great Chicago Fire, but is only a footnote in history, but it's not a footnote in my family history.  After a week of posts about the fire (and the Chicago Fire paled in comparison), I ended on this positive note.

#2 - "Military Monday - Vietnam Virtual Wall Searching for Pictures" - I posted about my cousin, Michael Paul Brown, and ended up getting contacted by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.  An incredibly awesome project.  They are trying to get a picture to go with every name on the Vietnam Wall.  There's so much more to this post than I can briefly tell here.  I'm glad that this post ranked so high.  I hope it means that more pictures are being sent in!

And the #1 post of All Time.....

"Tech Tuesday - FilmScan35 I Negative/Slide Converter" - I was a bit stunned that this was my top post.  It hadn't been until recently.  I can only imagine that this post's popularity increased over the Holidays as all good genealogists got their very own negative converters from Santa.  I guess Santa reads very untechnologically sound reviews!

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane.  I'll be excited to see what posts will be at the top next year!

Thanks for reading and have fun tending those roots!