Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Romand Kuehl and Leona Boegel

Romand and Leona Kuehl nee Boegel
Romand Valentine Gustav Kuehl (love, love, LOVE that name!) and Leona Boegel were married on May 23, 1931 in Ashford Township, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. 

Romand was the son of John and Dorathea Kuehl nee Hermann and was born on April 7, 1909.  He died on August 16, 1999.

Leona was the daughter of John and Bertha Boegel nee Rosbeck and was born on April 30, 1903.  She died on May 19, 1984.

Romand and Leona had 4 beautiful daughters:  Lorraine, Alice, Helen, and Dolores

Both Romand and Leona were of German descent (although I'm still working on where in Germany).  He was Lutheran and she was Roman Catholic and their children were raised Catholic.  The surnames Kuehl and Boegel underwent the typical spelling changes and an "e" was added after the "u" in Kuhl and the "o" in Bogel replacing an umlaut.  The pronunciation of their names was so different than I imagined.  Kuehl is pronounced "keel" and Boegel is "beagle" (yes like my dog)!  A very important thing to know when searching for records that someone may have transcribed according to what they heard.

Romand and Leona are my husband's maternal grandparents and Dolores is my mother-in-law.  Our first-born son, Benjamin's, middle name is Romand for his great-grandpa.  When my husband and I went to the hospital for our son to be born we hadn't figured out what his name was going to be.  What we did know was that his middle name was going to be Romand and lucky for us before the paperwork was filled out we verified the spelling because we didn't know that there was a "d" on the end! That would have been a mess to correct!