Sunday, December 4, 2011

Military Monday - Now THAT's a Military Family!

I'm sure we've all seen those families with tons of children serving during wartime.  They are always impressive/awe-inspiring to see and this one is along those lines.  Not only does Mrs. Alice Hare have a son serving during World War II, but has a brother and sister serving!  I find the sister to be particularly impressive considering the time period we're talking about!

I haven't made a connection between these heroes found in my family scrapbook, but I look forward to searching for that connection and adding them to my Veterans Day post!

"Mail Brings Good News of Sister, Son and Brother

Mrs. Alice Hare, 908 Harvey street, received double good news from the war front this week.  One letter bore notification that her son, Warren, 21, had been promoted from first lieutenant to captain int he Philippines, where he flies a C-47 transport plane.  He had flown over 300 combat missions, and 700 non-combat, and has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air medal.  He entered service shortly after his graduation from Central Catholic High school in 1942.  His sites, Eloise, is a yeoman 2/c in the Waves, and his brother, Eugene, is in the Merchant Marine.

The other good news was a letter announcing the meeting of Mrs. Hare's sister, Lt. Gladys Berken, and her brother, Lt. Roy Berken, in England, where Lt. Gladys is stationed as an Army nurse.  Lt. Roy is pilot of a C-47 transport, based in France and flew to England to visit his sister.  It was their first meeting since leaving the United States last August.

Lt. Gladys was on the nursing staff of St. Vincent hospital here for a time, then entered private nursing in Milwaukee.  Lt. Roy was a partner in the Berken and Paque trucking service before becoming an Army flier.

Lts Berken and Mrs. Hare are children of Mrs. Mary Berken, route 7."