Sunday, April 8, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - How I Finally Found Out When She Died...

I hadn't been able to find out when my great grandmother, Jadwiga Tabor nee Paszkawicz, died.  I knew that she had died before my great grandfather, Adam Tabor Sr, but I didn't even know how long before him she died.  I really didn't have much to go on.

Adam, Jadwiga, Aldona and Clarence Tabor
Now I know that I could request a record search from the Vital Records Department in Pennsylvania, but I'm a cheapskate and they charge quite a bit more when you don't know the exact date.  Heck if you only know the year, you're pretty much forking over more money.  I was determined to figure this out myself...or should I say, as cheaply as possible.

Her tombstone had only the year (1945), when I finally found the cemetery she was buried in, so that wasn't going to do the trick, but then...

A few years ago, I found a Western Union telegram in a packet of genealogy papers given to me and the question was answered.

"PAF2 8-Scranton Penn Jun 30 303A

1945 Jun 30 AM 6 13

C P Tabor =

708 Garfield St  670 Garfield

Mother Tabor passed away Sunday morn 2 AM=
Adam Tabor 224 Oak St Scranton PA

2 AM 224 Oak St."

So little information to tell me just what I wanted to know.  Jadwiga passed away in the early morning hours of June 30th 1945.  I was able to send away for her death certificate.  Sadly, I didn't get any parent names from the death certificates, but I had that already from their marriage certificate.  Jadwiga died at 64 years of age, what I would consider young, but I guess that's by today's standards.  Then again, who doesn't hope that their ancestors lived to ripe old ages?