Sunday, May 1, 2011

Military Monday - Addendum

It is perhaps fitting that shortly after posting my "Military Monday" tribute I received a text message from a dear friend telling me to turn on the news because Osama bin Laden was killed in an operation ordered by President Obama and carried out by our brave U.S. Special Forces.  

It is perhaps not appropriate to hold the death of someone, of anyone, in such a joyful light, but after almost 10 years of world-wide sorrow and pain caused by a truly evil person it is certainly a natural reaction.  

My 5 year old son, Daniel, emerged from his peaceful sleep to ask for a glass of water as I began typing this.  I could not help but hold him a little tighter knowing that the world is a better place tonight for us all and I teared up like the squishy, emotional momma that I am.

I have seen comments posted on Facebook and around news sites politicising and or insulting our President for this, and all I can say is shame on everyone that says such things!  Regardless of who is in office and whether you support him or not, our nation had a tremendous night in the war on terror.  A night that we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren about.  A moment that we will most likely remember for the rest of our lives.  Why fill it with such hatred?  Such animosity?  Instead, just say, 

"To all of the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and to all of our servicemen and women who lost their lives to bring to justice the mastermind behind their murders, I pay you homage.  We will never forget."

God bless our wonderful nation this night and always.

Military Monday - Central Texas Casualties 2004

Faces of the departed - 2004

Roll Call 
SPC Clarence Adams III
BG Charles B Allen
SPC Robert R Arsiage
SPC Travis A Babbitt
SFC Henry A Bacon
SPC Ronald W Baker
1LT Christopher W Barnett
SFC Michael Battles Sr.
SPC Beau R Beaulieu
SGT Michael L Boatright
SSG Elvis Bourdon
SSG Stacey C Brandon
SPC Richard L Brown
SPC Joshua I Bunch
CPL Juan C Cabralbanuelos
SGT Pablo A Calderon
SPC Ervin Caradine Jr
SPC Adolfo C Carballo
SSG Edward W Carman 
SPC Ahmed A Cason
SPC Jason K Chappell
SGT Yihiyh L Chen
CPT Todd Christmas
CWO Douglas V Clapp
SGT Russell L Collier
CWO Lawrence "Shane" Colton
PFC Kevin A Cuming
SSG Darren J Cunningham
SPC Danny B Daniels II
SPC Shawn M Davies
PFC Ervin Dervishi
SPC Chad H Drake
PVT Jeremy L Drexler
SSG Joe L Dunigan Jr
SPC Blain M Ebert
SGT Adam W Estep
CWO Mark W Evans
SSG Donald B Farmer
SGT James D Faulkner
CPT Arthur L Felder
CWO Wesley C Fortenberry
CWO David H Gardner
SPC Israel Garza
SFC Todd Gibbs
1LT James M Goins
SGT Tommy L Gray
SGT Jose Guereca Jr
SSG Huy S Hagy Jr
SPC Jeremy M Heines
SGT Jack Taft Hennessy
SFC Gregory B Hicks
SPC Stephen D Hiller
PFC Melissa J Hobart
PFC Christopher E Hudson
PFC Leslie D Jackson
SPC Justin W Johnson
SPC Rodney A Jones
CPL Forest J Jostes
CW3 Patrick W Kordsmeier
PFC Bradley G Kritzer
SFC William W Labadie Jr
SPC Tracy L Laramore
SSG Rene Ledesma
SPC James E Marshall
SPC Jacob D Martir
SPC Ryan M McCauley
PFC Holly J McGeogh
SPC Michael A McGlothin
SPC Kenneth A Melton
SGT Barry K Meza
SGT Eliu A Miersandoval
SFC Troy "Leon" Miranda
PFC Anthony W Monroe
COL James Moore
PFC Michael A Mora
SGT Gerardo Moreno
SPC Jaime Moreno
SPC Craig L Nelson
SGT Joseph M Nolan
SSG Nathaniel J Nyren
SPC Charles B Odums II
SPC Justin B Onwordi
PFC Cody J Orr
SSG Billy J Orton
SGT Pamela G Osbourne
SPC Gabriel T Palacios
CPT Eric T Paliwoda
PFC James D Parker
SSG Abraham D Pena-Medina
SSG Gregory Pennington V
CPT Dennis L Pintor
SPC Larry E Polley Jr
PFC David L Potter
SGT James W Price
LCPL Louis W Qualls
PVT Carson J Ramsey***
SGT Edmond L Randle Jr
SPC Jeremy F Regnier
SPC Jose A Rivera-Serrano
SGT Thomas C Rosenbaum
SGT Randy S Rosenberg
SPC Marco D Ross
PFC Brandon R Sapp
SPC Jeremiah W Schmunk
PFC Sean M Schneider
SPC Casey Sheehan
SGT Honathan B Shields
PFC Harry N Shondee Jr
SGT Michael A Smith
SGT Skipper Soram
PFC William R Strange
SPC William R Sturges Jr
SGT Carl Thomas
SSG Kendall Thomas
SSG Robert C Thornton Jr
SSG Roger C Turner Jr
1SG Ernest E Utt
SPC Josiah H Vandertulip
SPC Jose A Velez
SPC Michael S Weger
SGT Raymond White
PVT Justin R Yoemans
SPC Mark Anthony Zapata

May our Soldiers come home soon.

***I was contacted by a friend/family member of Carson J. Ramsey's and was informed that he had been promoted to Specialist (SPC) before he was Killed In Action.  It is unfortunate that this was not caught prior to it being placed on the memorial and I'm sure he is not the only one with incorrect information, but I also agree with Nichole that this brave Soldier should be remembered properly.  There is a big different between the ranks of Private and Specialist.  May we all keep these brave men and women that served our country in our hearts, minds, and may we never forget their sacrifice.