Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alive and Well and in Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods with Pike's Peak in the background

It was quite the one day trip, but on Friday evening we made it to Colorado Springs!  The allergens here are kicking my butt and I'm exhausted, but happy that we made it in one piece.  I've been holding off on posting because the account to my bank was hacked and I assumed that my computer was where the problem stemmed from.  It's a Mac so this doesn't normally happen...and it didn't.  As it turns out, my computer is clean.  It hasn't been compromised, which means that it was most likely my bank that was compromised, since the thief had my user name, password, pin, email, etc.

I now feel safe enough on my computer to begin posting again.  At least a little before leaving Colorado Springs on Tuesday or Wednesday morning to drive to Iowa to see my beautiful sister (one of my beautiful sisters) and then finish up in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the family reunion.  For now, just this quick post before heading out to look at land and model homes.  Perhaps hit some open houses if we can find any.  Hopefully, there'll be a proper genealogy post this evening!