Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organize Your Home Office Day - The Beginning of the End

My built-ins are a disorganized nightmare

While it may be "Organize Your Home Office Day", I won't lie and say that my home office will be organized by the end of today.  My nephew and mother-in-law are leaving for the airport in the morning, I've got a webinar in the afternoon, then it'll be time immediately following that to pick up the kids, make dinner and take my oldest to CCD in the evening.  There will be about 3 hours in there that I can dedicate to making a dent in what is my home office.

The printing station is a cluttered
The bookshelf o'stuff

My husband and I share the office and it's horribly laid out.  When we first moved into the home we were excited that it had a separate room that we would be able to use exclusively as an office.  It even had built in bookshelves (although we came to see that we had more books than shelves!).  As with most things, you notice flaws once you move in that you may have been oblivious to beforehand.  Things like the phone jack is in the back of the bottom shelf of the bookcase (no, you didn't read that wrong...who the hell puts a phone jack in the bookcase!) and the cable port is on the opposite side of the room.  Pretty much makes for a cable nightmare.  My hubby has been working overtime trying to get us as wireless as possible.  He's the tech person of the two of us and he's doing an awesome job considering he's got the anti-tech wife.  I simply walk by technology and it spontaneously combusts.

The not-too-bad-desk

Unfortunately, even though Cherie got her groove back about a month ago, I wasn't groovin' in the home office.  I've actually been working from the dining room table.  Great space, but it put a damper in using it for diner!

Since my PTA meltdown back in November, the office became a repository of stuff and I just wasn't motivated to clear it out.  That ends today.  I'm going to don my snorkel and swim fins and dive on in.  It's time to organize so my hubby and I have a work-friendly environment for Cub Scouts, PTA, and (most importantly) my business!

My is that the next pictures I'll post of my office will be much better looking!