Friday, July 1, 2011

Follow Friday on Saturday?

A day late, but not a dollar short!  There were so many posts I wanted to mention this week and I know I won't even be able to touch on a fraction of the great blogging I read this week!  Since I had a Friday post already, I figured I'd get this out today...I rarely find something to blog about for Saturdays!

So on to the good stuff...

Lynn Palermo over at the Armchair Genealogist had a wonderful post "When Fear Holds You Back From Doing Your Best Research".  A very timely article for me since I'm finally getting back home and will be entering the Luzerne County Courthouse for the very first time in search of probate for my ancestors.  I'm excited, I'm nervous and I certainly needed the reminder that preparedness is the key!  Thanks, Lynn and if you haven't read the post yet, head on over!

Lorine McGinnis of Olive Tree Genealogy's post "Worldictionary - an Interesting iPhone App" was very interesting.  I love all the new apps out there and I really want to download this one and play with it.  A translation tool like no other.  Still won't translate handwriting, but Lorine's got a great work-around for that!

Renee Zamora from Renee's Genealogy Blog had a post on merging and splitting .pdf's.  Something I think most of us would be interested in.  I usually have to use a little cheat to do this, but if there's software that does it, how much better is that?!?  It's also free, although they would appreciate donations.  Check out Renee's blog "Merge & Split PDF Files" for the details!

And lastly for this Following (and I am leaving out so many, but will catch up!) for this weekend only is offering the membership applications for the Sons of the American Revolution (1889-1970).  There are more than 145,000 applications/1.2 million records.  Jump on this while you can!

Have fun tending those roots...and writing all the awesome blogs!