Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Killing Two Birds

Anyone that's followed my blog even for a brief period of time knows that I love transcribing information.  I do a lot of "Amanuensis Mondays", "Sunday's Obituaries", and anything else that gives me a chance to transcribe information.  One of the reasons I do this is that when you transcribe information from newspapers, vital records, etc into your blog, you make information available to others researching the same line.

What I've realized recently (and I'm sure many of you already do this) is that when I'm transcribing an obituary, death record, etc I can quite easily open another tab or window to and create a memorial, if one doesn't already exist for the person.  It's a great time to check against information already on there and if you're creating a new memorial then it's a great way to contribute to a wonderful genealogical site and help others that may be looking for the same people.  Another bonus for creating a memorial is that if you didn't already have a picture of the gravestone, you can request one after you create it!