Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can't Wait Wednesday!

I know we're all very excited about the release of the 1940 census.  I'm also equally sure that most of you have already heard that Archives.com released a link to the webpage for the new census so you can head on over and bookmark it now!  Why wait until April 2nd?!?!

Anyway, the link to the Archives.com post about the webpage can be reached by clicking here.  While you're there, I hope you'll not only save the bookmark, but read the brief post by Archives.com and watch the little video that is posted there.  It really is very informative, and if you're a history buff that knows everything about the various censuses?  Well, the video will just be food for your growing anticipation!

I've got to admit that I can be a bit flighty sometimes.  I was extremely excited for the 1940 census the way it was and that was purely for it being another census to find people in!  Now, yes, that's excitement enough, but would you believe that the Great Depression never once crossed my mind?  Talk about not taking the census into proper perspective!  Watching the little movie on Archives.com got me wondering about my ancestors.  How did the Great Depression influence them?  I really don't have their stories to learn from, but my eyes have now been opened a bit more in anticipation of the 1940 census.  I can't wait and I know that you can't either!

Until next time, have fun tending those roots!

(Oh and if Mom, Uncle Ed or Aunt Cathy are reading, please feel free to pass on any stories about our ancestors and the Great Depression that were passed on to you!)