Thursday, March 5, 2015

Freaky Friday - Dead Mother Lives

Kewaskum Statesman, 01FEB1908, pg1
I can't imagine the story behind this article. OK...I can imagine, but it's all so extraordinary and the article certainly doesn't give a lot of details. At least there's a happy reunion at the end of it all, but what circumstances could have caused this separation of 30 years?

It sounds like quite an interesting story is behind this little blurb in a 1908 newspaper.

"Supposed Dead Mother Lives

Fleischer Family Reunited After Thirty Years Plan Celebration

Manitowoc, Wis., Jan. 30. - (Special.) - To hear from the mother whom he had believed dead for thirty years ad (sic) to be reunited with his parent and a brother is the happiness that has come to Daniel Fletcher of this city. Fletcher has just received a letter from a brother at Cornish, N. Y., and in it is conveyed the intelligence that the mother, long thought dead, is alive and residing with his brother. Fletcher has been trying for years to locate his brother and succeeded through an uncle at St. Paul, who chanced to learn the whereabouts of the missing man. A reunion of the family is now being planned in this city."