Sunday, May 31, 2015

Amanuensis Monday - Four Generations

Clipping from unknown paper dated 22AUG1944

Since I was preparing posts about the Nellis clippings/information I have I thought I'd start with this one (more in-depth stuff to come on Wednesday). As I was looking for and scanning clippings of everything Nellis I came across this one. I wasn't sure which day and blogging prompt would best suit this clipping so I opted for Amanuensis Monday. If it weren't for  Amanuensis Monday I never would have learned how to spell "amanuensis"...and would have just shared the clip some place else.

"The little girl in the foreground is Judith Nellis, representing the fourth generation of a Dyckesville family. At the left is her father, Donald Nellis. In the center is her grandmother, Mrs. Willie Nellis, and at the right is her great grandmother, Mrs. Gregory Bodart of Champion."

I don't know if Donald Nellis ever moved far from home during his lifetime. I still have pulling his obituary on my research calendar. I suppose I may find out then. What I do know is that he is buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Champion, Wisconsin. Maybe he stayed close to home. I know that I have clippings for the surname Bodart in my collection too. Perhaps I need to start sharing and exploring them. After all could my husband's grandmother really have only kept Bodart clippings because a cousin married a Nellis and his grandmother was a Bodart? Who knows, but there could be more to it. I'll be sure to investigate that surname soon!